Friday, March 12, 2010

Lets make "Change" mean something again.

Today I submitted my candidacy papers to be chosen as the Illinois Democratic Lieutenant Governor Candidate. Those of you familiar with this blog know that recently I sought nomination as the Republican US Senate Candidate from Illinois. What I learned during that campaign, besides what truly great people live in our state, is that party affiliation only fuels the fires of isolation, rendering our government ineffective. To make a real change, we need to start working together.

During my Senate Campaign I was told my views were not considered conservative enough by the Republican Party Hierarchy. Although I hold many Democratic ideals within my beliefs, I do not feel I can be called a Democrat. I, like many people of Illinois, find myself gifted with a sense of Midwestern Pragmatism that does not dictate belief by party nomenclature. Each issue should be considered with Human perspective.

Our Country has lost that perspective and we need to return to our roots, leaving monetary interest behind. We need to legislate to create a better world for our children not to line the pockets of corrupt politicians. Only together can we have change which is so desperately needed.

Ed Varga, Lieutenant Governor.

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