Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Campaign goes on!

So much has happened since announcing my candidacy for US Senate 3 months ago that I am starting a blog to help keep track of it all. I have been lucky enough to travel all over the state meeting with everyone from GOP leadership right down to the voters who will make the decision come February.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of talking to the students at Batavia High School about government and politics. They were bright and attentive during the hour I was given and posed wonderful questions. One even spoke of his aspiration to become a federal judge. Fantastic!

Later in the evening I went to the McHenry County GOP Dinner at Port Edward in Algonquin. It was good not only to see the party regulars but also to see so many of the candidates I have appeared with throughout the state.

We have less than one month left to get on the ballot and that requires petition signatures. All of you out there helping me collect should start wrapping it up. Call me with questions. And do not forget to check www.electvarga.com for updates on the campaign!

Thanks again for your interest.

Ed Varga

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