Friday, October 9, 2009


My congratulations go out to all of the winners of Nobel Prizes this year.

Included in that class is our own President, Barack Obama. Much has been written regarding his win and whether or not he deserves it. Indeed the nominations for consideration were due in on February 1 and he took the office of President on January 20, an incredibly short time for him to make his name on the world stage.

As astonishing as this win is, keep in mind the members of the judging panel awarded a sitting President of the United States a prize bearing the name of Peace. This comes in stark contrast to America's usual criticism for its international policy and practices. Perhaps this award should be seen as a vote of confidence in our Nation's ability to be the vanguard for peace throughout the world.

My 11 year old son Jim reminded me this morning that the price of peace is eternal vigilance. Please Mr. President, remain vigilant. Do not back down from the threat posed by forces of evil in this world. As you extend your hand in friendship to our adversaries, be careful of what may lie in the shadows. Earn this award, not by being a pacifist, but by securing our peace.

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