Friday, October 16, 2009

Independance Caucus

Last night I completed a phone interview with members of the Independence Caucus ( This was the next step in obtaining a possible endorsement in my run for the US Senate. Four of the IC's members asked questions with two submitting written questions for me. All-in-all the conference call took a little over an hour and the topics discussed ranged from providing more jobs for American workers to preserving second amendment rights. The entire conversation was recorded so others interested could listen at their convenience.

I left the interview with a feeling of satisfaction, not so much from my answers but from the questions being asked. In this age of 24 hour news networks and sound bites, an organization that takes the time to more completely understand issues and how politicians will respond to questions is a breath of fresh air.

This interview came at a time when the campaign paper will start falling like so many autumn leaves. Latest poll results are skewed toward the politicians who can afford to pay for them. Staying under the radar right now might be an effective way of steering clear of the mud slinging which usually takes place right before a primary. Thanks to the IC for taking an interest in me and my campaign.

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